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Personal Trainers

Darren Badong

Personal Trainer – ATC, EMT, CEAS

Athletic and Sports Specific Training, Pre-Op and Post Physical Therapy Rehab, CPAT-SFFD Training for Fire Fighter Academy

Claire Devaney

Personal Trainer

Strength Training, Circuit Training, Group Fitness

Geneva Fortson

Personal Trainer

Core, Posture and Balance Training, Restorative Exercise and Movement

Khalid Helmsley

Personal Trainer

Functional Reistance Training, Body Building, Nutrition Counseling

Tony Ly

Personal Trainer

Improved Strength and Muscle Mass, Hi-Level Fitness Training, Weight Reduction & Fat Loss

Chris Ross

Personal Trainer

Cross Fit, TRX, Bio Mechanics and Postural Training, Weight Loss, Nutrition Counseling

Yesenia Tamayo

Personal Trainer

Cross Training, Plyometrics, Core Stabilization

Jeffrey Yu

Personal Trainer

Strength and Conditioning, Suspension Training, Nutrition Counciling